Invisalign advantagesIn the beginning, an orthodontist needed to cement bulky metal brackets and tighten wires to straighten teeth. The results were great.  Orthodontic teeth straightening has always been worth the time and investment involved. Sadly, patients had to endure years of shining silver bands that hid their teeth, temporarily masking their dazzling smile.

When Invisalign made its first appearance on the market, the public was intrigued. They were excited.  At that time, Invisalign treatments were only recommended for those who needed simple adjustments. Many people were disappointed when their orthodontic needs were deemed too complicated for the clear aligners.

With the advances in Invisalign technology, that has changed. Now these custom- created, removable trays can be used to turn teeth, close gaps and correct the bite. More people than ever before are perfecting their smiles with Invisalign. There are many advantages to choosing Invisalign over traditional metal and clear ceramic braces, and Dr. Lamparski is an Invisalign expert who is able to create amazing smiles using clear aligner technology.

Treatment Is Discreet and Comfortable

Since Invisalign is a clear aligner that you wear over your teeth, your orthodontic treatment is hardly noticeable. There is really nothing to see. The Invisalign aligners are thin and smooth, so your treatment is comfortable. There is nothing bulky in your mouth; no rough or sharp edges, nothing to scrape against your inner lip, cheeks or tongue.

Eat Your Favorite Foods

Your Invisalign aligners are removable for meals and snacks. If you wear traditional braces, you will need to avoid foods that are sticky, chewy or hard. These foods could cause damage but not with Invisalign. You will be spared any emergency visits to Dr. Lamparski to repair a damaged appliance when accidents happen.

Teeth are Easier to Care For

Keeping your teeth clean and healthy while wearing braces can be a challenge. With Invisalign, you can brush and floss as you always have. Nothing changes. You will not need to worry about plaque deposits building up around your brackets or about braces damaging your tooth enamel.

A Customized  Plan

Whether you have many teeth out of alignment, or if you just need a few minor adjustments, there is an Invisalign plan that will work for you. Your teeth can shift much faster than with braces.  Because they are created just for you, Invisalign aligners conform to your teeth, so they are virtually undetectable.  You can even get a sneak preview of your new smile before you start your treatment. Your progress will be monitored every 6-8 weeks, depending upon the plan created by your orthodontist. There are other advantages to choosing Invisalign:

  • Up to 50 percent faster than braces
  • Fewer office visits
  • Your follow up appointments are quick and stress-free
  • Tooth movement is 70 percent more predictable and precise
  • See your results at every stage of treatment
  • Costs about the same as traditional braces

Straight Teeth Are Healthier

Having straight, healthy teeth benefits more than your self-esteem. Teeth that are properly aligned are better able to resist cavities and periodontal disease. Repositioning your teeth will allow your gums to fit properly around them, protecting teeth from harm.

You can improve your smile without having to use brackets and wires. Invisalign treatment may not be right for everyone, but it could be right for you. Your best source of information would come from Dr. Lamparski after a thorough orthodontic exam. Schedule a consultation and to learn more about the advantages of straightening your teeth with Invisalign clear aligners.