orthodontic appreciationOrthodontic Appreciation Week 2018 takes place from June 4-8 and it’s time to show your thanks to Dr. Lamparski and his orthodontic team who have done their best to make your smile bright. This is a great time of year to practice your smile and offer a heartfelt thanks to the people throughout your orthodontist’s office.

Appreciate Your Orthodontic Staff!

When you have issues with the alignment with your teeth that are impacting your bite, your smile and your health, it’s important that you visit an orthodontist to take care of the procedures and appliances you need to straighten your teeth. Consider everything that the Lamparski Orthodontics team brings to the table:

  • These experienced professionals know exactly what they’re doing. They’ve worked with cases just like yours before, and they’ll bring that experience to the table while they’re working to correct your bite and fix up your smile.
  • They know how to fix any problems you’re having. From a bracket that constantly rubs just the wrong way to an appliance that doesn’t seem to fit right, your orthodontist knows how to help fix your problems and make your braces more comfortable.
  • They’ll work with you to get your smile exactly right. As you work with your orthodontist’s office, you’ll discover that they’re dedicated to ensuring that you get the smile you’ve always wanted.

Most people don’t particularly enjoy having braces and as a result, you may fail to recognize just how beneficial your orthodontic team is to the process. As you consider all the work they do to make your smile amazing, you’ll discover that it’s well worth offering them a little appreciation, especially during this week dedicated just to them.

What Can You Do to Thank Them?

How can you show your appreciation? Try some of these strategies.

  • Fill out those comment cards. Are there comment cards in the office? Take a moment to single out a team member or two who has made a difference for you during your treatment plan, then let them know about it!
  • Send an email or letter. Not planning to be in the office during Orthodontic Appreciation Week? You can still send an email or letter to your orthodontist’s office to let them know exactly how much you appreciate the work they’ve been doing for and with you.
  • Drop off a treat. A tray of baked goods will make any group of medical professionals smile and orthodontists and their assistants are no exception! Take the time to swing by with a tray of orthodontic friendly treats and let your orthodontic team know that they’re appreciated.
  • Sign a card or banner. Many offices will get together to present a card or banner to the orthodontists in the office. Take the time to put your name on it and let your orthodontist know that they’re appreciated. Or, even better, make or send your own card telling your orthodontic team how much you appreciate the hard work they do for you and your family!
  • Use social media posts to full advantage. Head over to your orthodontist’s social media page and send a quick message of appreciation. Let them know why you chose their office, what makes you recommend it to others, or simply just how much you love your beautiful smile.

By taking the time to say thanks during this special week, you’ll quickly find that this time, it’s your turn to put a smile on a familiar face! From June 4-8, 2018, recognize Dr. Lamparski and the team at Lamparski Orthodontics that has helped to make your smile beautiful!